Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Explanation - Post the fourth picture on the fourth folder of your pictures and explain! oh yeah, and tag 4 more people.

Well, this is a picture that my sister Joy took. She borrowed our digital camera for a photography assignment last semester. She has a great film camera, but was having trouble with the digital that she usually uses. Anyway, she had to do a presentation and her professor asked her to do it on “death and decay” so she went out and found rotting things… but, it snowed before her project was completed, (covering everything that was “dead and decayed”) so instead, her presentation was on Silas’ birth… which I thing wins any day compared to rotting apples. : )

I Tag Joy http://soletitstartwithme.blogspot.com/, Rissa http://mamarissa.com/, Tash http://rocketiam.blogspot.com/, Hannah - www.hannahtallo.blogspot.com/

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