Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shepherd of my soul

Shepherd of my soul
I give you full control
Wherever you may lead
I will follow
I have made the choice
To listen for your voice
Wherever you may lead I will go
Be it in a quiet pasture
Or by a gentle stream
The shepherd of my soul is by my side
Should I face a mighty mountain
Or a valley dark and deep
The shepherd of my soul will be guide

While singing my son to bed the other night, I realized just how deep a declaration this old familiar chorus is. My mind nods in solemn agreement, my mind heart rejoices at the implication, and my life asks “is this true?”


brietta said...

I remember your mom singing this at bedtime; it made quite an impact. And it's now a favorite of mine to sing to my kids.

Jenessa said...

I still get sleepy when I hear that song. But it never fails in putting little kids to sleep, I use it on the kids I nanny for and on my nieces and nephews.
Its a good one, It really seems to lead us by a gentle stream.

danica said...

Funny that Bri commented here... I had to click through and tell you the same thing! I remember how the beds in our room were arranged and where I was sleeping during the season when your mom was there to sing us to sleep. I sing it, too. I love the song AND I love the fact that it made such an impact on me. Will my singing have the same impact on my children? I hope so...