Friday, May 23, 2008

The Lunch

Okay, so yesterday when I wrote about my country white bread, I hadn’t actually finished making it (rather the bread machine hadn’t) so after Gideon woke up from his morning nap, feeling very hungry, I cut open the loaf. First of all, it had collapsed on one side, secondly, it smelled and tasted like homemade play-dough! I pulled that box out of the recycling (remember, I’m not wasteful) and looked for a date on the box, the latest date I actually found was 1999, yeah, I think that’s bad… For those of you who, like me, don’t think the 90’s are all that far away, the box is 9 years old!) So, I threw out the bread, sorry starving world, I just couldn’t eat it!)

So Gideon and I enjoyed a lunch of blueberry yogurt, with wheat germ of course. :)

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Katie said...

I have a great bread machine bread recipe if you should want it. :-)

Sorry about the turnout. Nothing is quite as exciting as anticipating fresh homemade(machine or not!) bread. In fact, I think it could safely said to be the highlight of a homemaker's day.

This homemaker has been inserting highlights via Reese's Big Cups thanks to days like yesterday.