Thursday, May 22, 2008


Just this morning is when I actually found out what a blog is. I called Katie asking how to get to a friend’s blog, and then confessed I didn’t even know what a blog actually was… odd thing; the internet.

Anyway, an hour later and I’m writing my first official blog entry. By the looks of it, as a mom/housewife my blog should be filled with important things, like Biblical female topics, silly stories about the kids, and homemade whole wheat bread. :) I think I can do that. Although, I regret to say, when I make bread, it’s in the bread Machine… and today; I used a bread machine mix! That’s not even the worst of it, it’s… country white! I know, but in my defense it was given to me, and I couldn’t just throw it out, I’m just not wasteful like that. The joke around here is if I’m eating something unhealthy or trying to get Joy to eat something unhealthy, I say “I’ll throw some wheat germ on it!” as if wheat germ is the grain equivalent to Jesus blood, and whatever it touches is suddenly redeemed. Needless to say we’ll be having white bread and wheat germ, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. :)


Katie said...

Lol - this cracked me up. Waste not, want not my dear!

Want some blog traffic your way? :-) I'm going to send people to say hello! We'll see if they actually do or not.. hmm... a test to see who really loves me. ;-)

MelissaPea said...

Okay, well my blog is a little on the letterish side since I did start it with, Dear Blog. :)

Sarah O said...

Yeay! You have a blog! I am excited. I have been thinking of you but haven't found a good time to call yet. Let's do something soon.