Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Experiencing True Worship

Last night we had our bi-monthly women’s Bible study. For the past few months we’ve been meeting at my house (usually Mark has to work late on Tuesday’s, so I just put Gideon to bed and then I actually get to attend the bible study) anyway, Mark was home yesterday, and gave Gideon a bath as the meeting started, once he got out of the tub, I went up to nurse him and put him to bed. From Gideon’s room we could hear Joy start to lead worship, we heard the guitar and the voices of 5 worshiping woman. I usually sing a few worship songs while I put Gideon to sleep, so last night I just sang along with the woman downstairs. As I began to sing Gideon closed his eyes and lifted his hand, (he likes to imitate other people worshiping, it doesn’t matter what music is on, if he hears music, his hands are lifted and his body’s moving) but something was different this time, as he lifted his hand I felt the room flood with the presence of the Holy Spirit, it was literally like a wind. He held his hand up for about a minute, then needed to switch sides (remember, he was still nursing) and as soon as I began to sing again, he lifted his other hand. It was so simple, it was so sweet, this little mans effortless act of self abandonment ushered in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It was beautiful!


Catherine said...

Hey Jan, I did it. I got one of these silly things.

Jeffrey said...

That's so cool Jane!
I love it when he does that!