Wednesday, July 15, 2009

blogging = nice>opinion

You know what’s rough? Being nice AND opinionated. Overall, I’m a nice person. I don’t mean to say that I can’t be mean or can’t put up a fuss, I’m just saying that I don’t like to. I’m the person that would rather drink the disgusting chocolate tomato espresso shake that the girl behind the counter accidentally made for me, than to make a fuss about not getting the chocolate mint frappe that I ordered, potentially ruining this girls confidence as a barista … you know?

With that said…

I’m naturally a very opinionated person. I tend to have opinions on nearly everything, and if I get started, I could easily go on for far too long, stating my reasons and my arguments for why I believe what I believe.

This internal tug of war has lead me to write complete rants and essays on subjects that I deem important, that I never end up posting. They sit safely tucked away in my Microsoft Word Processor, never stating controversy, never rocking the boat.

I have opinions on this too… If I heard someone saying this, I’d say “Well, what else do you keep a blog for? If people like what they read, they’ll keep reading, if they don’t like what they’re reading, they’ll stop reading…” Easier said than done I guess.

I keep saying on facebook that I’m blogging, but never post stuff on my blog… this is why.

Birth Control
Fear based parenting
Breast feeding

I just want to be nice. I don’t want to offend you. As my lovely sister would say; “I really need to grow a pair“.. Or do I?

P.S. As I’m reading this over before I post, I’m chuckling to myself because in my fictional example I had to put an absurd drink to be the “disgusting one” because I didn’t want to accidentally put one of your favorite drinks… ugh!


Catherine said...

Jan you crack me up.

Some of us would like to hear your opinions on things because certain people (i.e. me) can't spend enough time with you to talk about it face to face.
Besides it might start some very interesting conversations.

Jane said...

This is true, and while we're on the subject... why don't we see each other more?

So... I should just post my opinions...? Any I should exclude?

chels said...

How dare you bash my favorite drink! (obligatory response)

I think it would be a pity if you know how you felt about things and why, and even wrote it down already, and then didn't share it. Maybe its hard for you to give your opinions without someone asking for them. So, what is your opinion?
I know what you mean about being nice, and as long as it is up to me I want to live in peace with all people. But I need to examine my motives sometimes. Wrong motive: I want people to like me. Right motive:I want people to experience the love of Jesus. If your worried that sharing your opinions for all to see might drive a wedge between you and people you are just forming relationships with, I can see a reason for caution. In that case, maybe you could say, "I have written about X and anyone who wants to know/discuss about it I will email my opinion." That could be cool.