Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hello, anybody out there?

Just wanted to say that I am loving my blogging vacation. : )

God is doing a lot in my heart. The kinds of things that are so deep and so secret that you can hardly put it into words. The kinds of things that make you excited about life, and looking forward to all the rest that God is going to do. Do you know what I mean?

Things are good, life is good, God is good. I love my boys, and even though Gideon is 2 now... my boys are good too! : )

I do miss everyone though. : )


Sarah O said...

I miss you too! Maybe I'll give you a call one of these days.... when I am not about to go crash into bed with two tired kiddos.

Christina said...

Jane! I miss you...So glad to hear the boys are doing well ;-) ...LOVE reading your blog!