Monday, June 16, 2008

It is my birthday today

So, I was planning on blogging about this a few weeks ago. I didn’t get around to it. I thought today would be an appropriate day for it.
The whole idea was inspired by a car ride a few weeks back. I was on my way to pick Mark up from work, Gideon was napping at my parents so I was in the car alone. For those of you who live in my neck of the woods, I tuned my radio to WHAM 1180 and listened to TALK RADIO. Politics, news, cheesy jokes by old men, the whole nine. The point is, I was listening to talk radio by choice! I used to joke about Rush Limbaugh making me feel nauseas because I associated his voice with unpleasentness in the car. :-)
I just didn’t like talk radio, and there I was, listening to it, and enjoying it. I started laughing out loud, “when did this happen?” I thought? “I’m almost acting like - an adult!”
I started thinking about all the ways that I’ve been acting like an adult lately, the things that I like, the things that make me happy or excited, my choice of activities in my free time, (you know, all that free time that I have, ha ha) the things I choose to talk about with my peers. It’s so strange, I’m experiencing this phenomenon of growing up that I didn’t think I would ever experience. In fact, I’m totally distracted because right now I typing while watching a DVD on gardening, “Jerry Bakers Gardening Wisdom: Americas Master Gardener” It’s funny, a lot of it I can’t explain because I don’t even realize that I’ve changed all that much until I‘m hit with a random unexpected realization. Weird.
Anyway, I know that all kids (or at least the ones I grew up around) always say, “The biggest sign of immaturity is telling everyone how mature you are!” And that’s not what I’m trying to do, I’m just reflecting on the ways I’ve changed in marriage and motherhood (which realistically happened before adulthood for me) and I find it interesting, so here’s the question (for my less than 2 faithful readers,) what’s different about the way you are now, compared to “pre-adulthood“? E.G. Last week Joy and I wanted to hang out, in days of yore we would have gone to the mall, or even farther back, we would have gone to the dollar tree, but this time, we took a little drive out to Loris Natural Foods, and had a BLAST! A sign of the times I guess. :-)
While I’m talking about getting older, I should say a few words about this wonderful Birthday. I enjoyed today SO much, Mark let me sleep in, he and Gideon brought me flowers and a big balloon (Gideon’s choice) breakfast in bed, and a SIGG! (that’s what I asked for) Then Mark had to leave for work, and Gideon and I watched the lightning and rainstorm, it was fabulous. Jaron stopped by, we had tea, Joy came to pick us up, and we spent the rest of the day with my family. Marks on his way home now!
Oh, the other thing to mention, I asked Jenessa for a special gift… It’s my twenty second birthday, so obviously I need a Tu-tu, frilly and funky. I figured it’s probably my last chance in my life to get one, and I did, Mom and Nessa made it for me! I’m sure I’ll post a photo or two eventually. :-) I guess, I’m not that grown up…


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Jane! I thought tomorrow was the 16th - oops :-) I do live in a time warp after all.

I think a tu-tu is a fabulous gift because there will be plenty of little girls in your life to enjoy it in a dress up bin at your house long after you are finished with it (should you be done enjoying donning the occasional tu-tu, that is) And might I add that I loved going to Lori's in high school and love it still! I hardly go because of how far it is, but do tell me next time you go! I may have you grab something for me ;-)

How have I changed? I think 7 years into motherhood it's almost hard to look back that far ;-) I mean I've certainly put aside painting, sketching, snowboarding, and writing music & poetry for the excitement of hoping to have time this week to sew up a new diaper design that's in my head - does it get any more thrilling than that? ;-)

I traded my vegetarian ways for the love of bacon and cheeseburgers now, and of course bacon cheeseburgers - yum.

8 am is now sleeping in and not early.

Coffee is an essential part of my day instead of a treat with friends at Starbucks.

I am picking out curriculum for my children instead of completing curriculum for myself - that was weird.

I guess I'm a full-fledged adult now. Which I suppose is only appropriate given how many children I have ;-)

Love ya! Glad you had a great day!

Katie said...

P.S. - Wow, that was one long comment. Sorry for unintentionally hijacking your blog!

Rissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) I just knew your birthday was this month! I am so glad to hear it's going well. And, I have to agree with Katie - the tutu thing is pretty much wonderful. What a great idea!

Man...I guess I'm feeling similar to you right now. I occasionally find myself "acting like an adult" and it really surprises me! It's like, one day I was young and inexperienced, and then, the next day, I woke up next to a husband and a baby and spent a whole day planning the week's menu, crocheting, watering my garden, and scrubbing my toilet - all for fun!

I start feeling especially adult-ish when I visit fabric stores. As a child, my mom would spend hours upon hours (at least that's what it felt like!) in fabric stores and we (my brother and I) couldn't stand it! We hated fabric, we hated anything that had to DO with fabric! And now, I have my very own sewing machine and feel thrilled when I have money to spend on fabric. THAT is weird for me.

Cooking is another one. I never thought I'd find so much joy in cooking and presenting a meal. :)

Anyway, I just want you to know that I am a faithful reader, okay??

Love you! ;)

Jeffrey said...

Yeah I know that gardening video was really weird.
This guy is putting human hair, chewing tobacco, Coke and beer all over his garden!

I think it’s funny that Joy spent a lot of money on gas to get to Loris and came back with a thing of pida bread that cost like 4 dollars that had mold on it the next day :D I hope you got something good : )

Well Jane I have to say you have a long way to go :)